controlIn fact, the underlying principle of all diet programs is calorie control. By restricting the amount of the calories you consume, the stored fat reserves are burnt off helping you with weight loss.

How much of calories a person can consume is interplay of many factors. The calorie needs of each dieter differs in respect of his/her metabolism and extent of physical activity. You need to first assess your calorie requirements and then ensure that you limit your calorie intake such that it does not exceed the calories you expend.  

Here are a few ways by which you can control your calorie intake 

1. Exclude processed and junk foods

Most of us eat too much of processed and refined foods which are high in calories. An accumulation of such calories hampers your weight loss. These foods are highly addictive. Just read through internet Nutrisystem reviews to know about the adverse side effects of junk foods. With the result we binge on them leading to very high calorie intake. Eliminating such foods from your diet is a major step towards achieving control on your calories consumed.

2. Choose low calorie foods

A number of meal replacement options are available which enable you to enjoy food without adding up the calories. Choose foods that are low in calories but high in nutrition. This way you will be providing energy for your metabolic activities without increase in the calorie count. 

3. Portion control

The best way to limit your calorie consumption is by eating smaller portions. Choose a small sized plate and have single helpings of food. You can also opt to follow diet meal program which offer pre packed meals so that your meal servings are restricted. Eating small meals but at regular intervals is a successful weight loss technique. 

4. Follow a low carb diet

A large chunk of the calories we consume comes from the carbs eat. The simple carbs which constitute a greater portion of our diet cause a high intake of calories. Avoid such simple carbs. Instead include complex carbs which help to control your calorie intake as well as offer help to regulate your blood sugar levels.  

5. Include whole and fiber foods

Curbing frequent hunger pangs helps to keep your calorie consumption under control. Eat whole and natural foods which are rich fiber. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Fiber has the effect of helping you attain satiety faster thus restricting your food intake. Further, fiber is digested slowly as a result of which you do not develop frequent hunger pangs which effectively helps to keep a control on your calorie intake. 

6. Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet is the best way to keep your calorie intake under check. When you eat a balanced diet, you get the required amount of carbs, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins. If you eat a filling, tasty and wholesome meal, you will be satisfied and not resort to bingeing, thus exercising restraint on the calorie consumption. 

You need not always be armed with a calorimeter to ensure that you do not go overboard with your calorie intake. Practice healthy eating habits and you can easily keep your calories consumed well within your control.